Sunday, October 31, 2010


So we went to a feline sanctuary for a recent field trip. Big cats!

The workers are volunteers who obviously love the animals very much. Our tour guide talked for almost two hours about the various creatures.

They have rescued Bengal tigers (including a mesmerizingly beautiful white Bengal that I could not take my eyes off of), lions, a very quiet little bobcat, a spunky serval, a caracal, a leopard (quite dignified), a cougar, a humorous pair of coatis, and a wily trio of beautiful wolves.

I took photos of the animals in their cages, but what you cannot see is the acres-large wilderness area in which they are allowed to roam. (And, yes, there is a mighty high fence topped off with electric fencing all around the reserve.) The sanctuary plans to enlarge the reserve further in the near future. Lucky cats!

(Of course I took some shots of randomness that simply caught my eye.)

(Bengal tigers)




(young lion and lioness)



(white Bengal)


Ellen said...

I Love Love Love the big kitties!

Dawn said...

What beautiful animals!!!!
The leopard has to be one of my favorite!!!
Thanks for sharing these:)

our little love nest said...

Oh my!! Our kids would love going there. I love your last photo with the sign and the empty picnic table as if to say, "You will be lunch if you enter!"

kyooty said...

oh what a great field trip! My boys would love this. My hubbie would want to move in with the wolves/coyotes?
it's like my back yard but with BIGGER cats and Cages.